Looking for a good plumber or plumbing contractor that offers good quality plumbing services can seem a little difficult at first but with a little work it can be done if you follow some key steps.  First off, you should ask for referrals from people you trust, friends, neighbors, co-workers or if you have a good carpenter, heating repairman or roofer, ask them. Many times they’ll know of someone that’ll be competent to do your plumbing work.    

Once you have a name, check to be sure they are licensed. Here in the state of Michigan not only does a person need to have a master plumber license to be in business they must also have a plumbing contractor’s license. Also ask the plumber if he is insured, have him present a
copy of his certificate of insurance to you whenever he is about to start a project for you.

Check to see how long they have been in business, this will tell you if at the very least if their stable. Also ask for references and check for on-line reviews. Another thing to ask the plumber or plumbing
contractor is to show you his or her current work if possible. Sometimes going to their job site to inspect their work could be a good thing. Not only can you see their workmanship but you also can see how well they keep their job site clean and organized.

Ask the plumber or the plumbing contractor about their warranty or guarantee’s.  How long will they stand behind their work, whether it be a small plumbing repair job or a large commercial
plumbing project, warranties should always be discuss.

Your next plumbing job should always have a quote. If it’s a big plumbing job such as plumbing a new residential home or remodeling a bathroom or kitchen, you should always get at least three quotes. Even when comparing the bids you have to be careful because some plumbing
companies will strip their bids back to the bare minimum to get the job, but by just quoting the bare minimum to get by can leave you with a problem later on down the road if there is ever is a issue that occurs later on with your plumbing system. Sometimes getting them to respond to a “call back” can be next to impossible with some plumbers. And speaking of call backs, when talking to
other clients that have used your perspective plumber, ask them how he responded to a “call back”, did he response quickly, was he courteous? Or was he nonchalant and rude? His response can tell you quite a bit on how he values his customers.  Just remember the saying, “you get what you pay for”,  this is true in all jobs being quoted whether it is plumbing, heating, electrical, building and etc. just be careful and make sure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed and that you’re
comparing apples to apples in the quote. Even if you have a small plumbing repair job, you should always have your plumber give you a quote so that there won’t be any surprises at the end. And please, don’t take a quote over the phone, many times there is something else that you might not see or the plumber quoting over the phone won’t see either which could frustrate both you in the
end because of some unforeseen problem. Have the plumber quote the plumbing job by actually looking at it, that way they can get it 100% correct for both you and them. You’ll both be happy in the end and it’ll be beneficial for both parties.  

If you follow these basic steps you should be able to find a good quality plumber that will last you for a very long time.

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